Beef Amino 5000 500 Tab




Amino BEEF 5000 (BV 115) made of hydrolyzed bovine protein with the addition of a unique quality of hydrolysed egg protein for increasing the bioavailability in the body.


This matrix ensures the highest possible usability adopted by amino acids and thereby incorporation into muscle with minimal burden for the organism.


Since the composition does not contain milk proteins, it is particularly useful for muscle definition under the thin skin.




990 mg cleanest animal amino acid in one tablet without the addition of artificial sweeteners Beef flavoring

The maximum positive nitrogen balance

increased bioavailability (BV)

The minimum load for the body and digestive tract

Content rapidly resorbable short peptides for maximum effect

Explanation BV:


Scientifically formulated combination of animal hydrolysates used in the preparation Amino BEEF 5000 (based on the results of long-term research MAX Plank Institute in Germany) amounts to a published so far the highest biological value BV between known animal (beef) preparations. This guarantees the highest possible usability of amino acids and adopted by the incorporation into muscle with minimal burden for the organism.


Not for nothing were hard working in English-speaking countries, saying steak & egg power back. Namely a mixture of the amino acids of the protein with the addition of meat derived from amino acids of the egg to be about 25% higher biological value as is the case when it is used as a source of amino acids as pure beef (BV 92). The pill contains a short, quick resorbable peptides to start the anabolic metabolism immediately after training. Nahydrolyzované long protein chains ensure the supply of amino acids necessary construction in the early stages of muscle growth or regeneration.


collagen hydrolyzate BV 0

hydrolysed meat BV 92

hydrolyzate meat enriched with egg hydrolyzate BV 115


Take 5-10 tablets 30 minutes. before and after training.

Non-workout days: take between meals, you can use a single dose before bedtime.


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