Chewables Amino 120 Tab




Amino chewables – lozenges.

The supply of amino acids during the day can greatly help towards achieving the objective of the excavation. Amino chewables are whey amino acidsin free form, including BCAA, which are directly absorbed already in the mouth. These amino acids taste like sweet, without sugar, they fit easily into a bag or sachet can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!


The main advantages cmúľacích Amino chewables:

• 2,000 mg of amino acids in free form

• Essential amino acids including BCAA

• Micronised for rapid absorption

•No sugar

Recommended dosage Amino chewables:

Take 2 tablets 2x daily suck before or after training, between meals or at bedtime.



WPC – Whey protein concentrate, flavor, anti-caking agent: magnesium

stearate, sucralose


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