Arginin AKG 120 Capsules




Arginine AKG is a product containing the amino acid L-arginine. L-arginine stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone, resulting in improved protein synthesis and also increase the fat burning.


L-arginine is the key to the case of increased exertion, stress or illness.

The walls of the blood vessels, arginine is enzymatically converted to NO, which dilates blood vessels, increasing blood circulation. The muscle and may produce the so-called. “Pump effect”.


In the rest phase increases the addition of L-Arginine AKG insulin secretion, thus there is an intensification glycogen storage, the basic energy source in muscles.


Arginine AKG benefits:

– Increase blood flow to the muscles PUMP EFFECT

– Elimination of important hormones

– Strengthening immunity

– Increase blood circulation in genital sexual activity


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