CARNITINE 2000 90 tablets




L-Carnitine transports fatty acids across the mitochondrial membranes where the energy obtained by combustion of fats, also increases the use of fats in the liver, where they are converted to the source of power for immediate utilization. All these features will prevent fat storage, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. Carnitine helps maintaining health of the cardiac muscle.

By Carnitine helps to burn fat, allowing improve the energy balance and saves energy, stored in the form of glycogen, which is especially important in endurance športoch.L-carnitine is one of the most used specific materials used to promote the breakdown of excess fat.


– Promotes fat burning and weight reduction

– Supports heart function and lowers blood cholesterol levels

– Supports the performance and improves the use of oxygen during exercise

– Accelerates regeneration

Dosage: 1-2 x 1 tablet daily, preferably before performance.


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