CLA 2000 60 capsules




CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a unique fatty acid is clinically proven to reduce body fat, increases svalovovú mass and promotes overall health. It helps to dispose of fat reserves and also promotes the formation and growth of muscle mass. Also affects the efficient use of energy as it acts as a barrier that prevents fat enter into fat cells. Fat instead stored in fat cells moved to the muscle cells, which will be used in the production energie.CLA provides a number necessary to reduce the fat content without adverse calories. Benefits of CLA is that it does not reduce its effectiveness over time of use.

– Reduces body fat

– Supports burning and fat loss

– Supports the reduction of fat deposits

– Supports healthy cholesterol levels

– Contribute to the slowing of weight gain

– Prevents fat deposition

– Has beneficial effects on glucose



Take 1×2 capsule daily with a meal.


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