COFFY 100 tablets




Coffy 200 mg is a product with a maximum authorized caffeine – it has up to 200 mg per tablet. Caffeine is a substance which has strong stimulant effects on the nervous system, and promotes fat burning. In combination with legal scorching oil supplements it provides a unique recipe for weight loss and contributes to fat loss from problem areas. Effective dosages assumed his application before physical performance, making a significant contribution to increasing the concentration of power and the elimination of fatigue.


The main advantages of add-on applications Coffy 200 mg:


– It helps to eliminate fatigue

– improves performance

– increases the concentration

– increases mental activity

– ways of using fat stores as an energy source

– contributing to the depletion of adipose tissue


Recommended dosage:


The basic daily dose is 1-2 tablets for about 60 to 90 minutes before performance


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