DAA 120 capsules




DAA 1200 is a natural modulator of synthesis of endogenous testosterone acid containing D – aspartic pharmaceutical quality. Performs important functions in the nervous system and the system of endocrine glands. DAA contains a unique right-handed forms of aspartic acid, which stimulates the synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol. High levels of androgenic hormone stimulating anabolism, leading to a rapid increase in strength and muscle mass. DAA improves endurance performance in athletes, support sexual function and increased libido.


D-aspartic acid (DAA) is neessenciální, natural amino acid, in many of our food sources.



– Increased testosterone levels

– Promoting muscle growth

– Speed ​​up the regeneration of the body

– Increased muscle mass

– An increase in sexual activity

– Promotes the secretion of growth hormone

– Extremely efficient, safe and 100% legal anabolics


DAA is easily absorbed from the digestive tract and crosses the blood brain barrier because of its make-up is superior manner by secretion in the body. DAA effect has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. The effect of increasing the level of testosterone and lutropin has been studied by scientists from the University of Naples.


The most important result was that supplementation with positive results were noted in 87% of the test person. The research was published in 2009 in the prestigious journal “Biology Reproduction and Endocrinology” and confirmed the efficacy of DAA in increasing testosterone levels in young and healthy men.


WHO WE RECOMMEND this preparation?


DAA ULTRA is a totally safe and legal product that supports metabolic processes and the production of testosterone. Its supplementation is recommended for all persons for whom a result of intensive lifestyles, sports, stress or poor nutrition has decreased testosterone levels.


DAA operates at several levels simultaneously, optimizing hormonal balance for men and helps to increase libido. It is a product that makes after just a short period of use, the muscles will be harder, stronger and fuller. DAA includes the effective daily dose of 3 g of D – aspartic that effect is confirmed by scientific research, and that not only stimulates the production of steroids, but also helps to substantially improve the quality of sexual life.




Recommended dosage: 2 capsules 2-3 times daily drink of 300 ml of water.


On training days: take 1 serving in the morning when you wake up, 45 min. before training and before bed.


In non-workout days: Take one serving in the morning after waking up, between meals and at bedtime.


Forget the illegal and dangerous substances? Take advantage of the potential that hides your body! Try the most innovative modulator synthesis of endogenous testosterone. Extremely efficient, safe and 100% legal anabolics


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