Gela Plus 250 Tab




Gela plus is designed for feeding the musculoskeletal system. Its components are substances essential for the synthesis of tissues responsible for strength and elasticity of cartilage and joints. Regular use of this product is necessary for the performance of athletes, in which the joints are extremely strained. Nutrition musculoskeletal should be exercised with increased physical activity as well as at the first signs of weakening.


Gela Plus includes:

The hydrolyzate Zelanina designed for long term use for protection and regeneration of joint cartilage, bones and ligaments.


AQUAMIN®, multimineral obtained from marine plants grown in ecologically clean areas of the Atlantic Ocean. AQUAMIN® is a source of calcium, magnesium and other minerals to 74.


Turmeric inhibits antigen-specific inflammatory response, which means that it blocks only harmful excessive inflammatory response, while the function of immunity against infection is maintained. Blocks the inflammatory effect of Interleukin-1 beta significantly contributing to the devastation of cartilage and joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis


Gela Plus oporúčame to supplement the daily diet of all persons whose diet should be rich in calcium, for example. in osteoporosis, as well as:

– Active sportsman

– Elderly (since the age of 35)

– Persons from injuries, especially fractures

– Women in pre- and postmenopausal

– People sensitive to irritating elements (plant pollen, dust mites)

Recommended dosage:

2 tablets during the day with a sufficient amount of water


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