Glutamine Peptide 250 Capsules




Glutamine is the most occurring free amino acids in the body. Glutamine is not only a building block for the cells, but divides respectively. transporting the building blocks of cells (nitrogen) at a site in the body where it is required for anabolic processes. Its properties to stabilize the pH in the body glutamine is able to suppress acidosis, which occurs when strong physical strain.

Glutamine is referred to as “brain food” because the basic energy source for nerve cells. Loss of glutamine during an intense workout (up to 30 g) the body is not able to settle quickly. Its completion is essential.

The free form L-glutamine is absorbed by intestinal cells, primarily for their own food and even with large doses of glutamine into the blood gets only about 2,000 mg. Glutamine peptide present in Fitmaxx glutamine, is a stable, highly biologically active form of L-glutamine, which overcomes the “intestinal barrier”, and this results in a better penetration of the glutamine into the blood.


The daily dose of 5 capsules decomposed into two doses per day, and before bedtime.


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