HMB 120 tablets




HMB is a short name for a substance of beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, which is a metabolite of one of the branched chain amino acids – leucine. HMB in conjunction with a stress training, quality diet with adequate protein diet can effectively enhance the construction of the new muscle mass and promotes the burning of excess body fat.

It is very effective in combination with other of supplements currently available – in combination with creatine is known to increase the positive effects and contributes to a higher strength of the muscle, in combination with L-glutamine prevents the loss of the weight not only for athletes, but also people with severe, destructive disease (eg. cancer). In combination with vitamin C has a positive effect in processes able to improve recovery and reduce post-workout fatigue.



– It is very efficient anabolizer

– Effectively increases strength

– Promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat

– Accelerates regeneration

– Effectively prevents the breakdown of muscle mass during extremely challenging workouts

– After stopping a easy to keep acquired muscle gains

Recommended dosage:

– Apply daily 4 tablets 45 minutes prior to challenge

– Drink large quantities of suitable drink


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