Palatinose 100%, 1KG



Palatinose is a natural component of honey and sugar cane and has a naturally sweet taste. Palatinose is a trade name for isomaltulose.


Palatinose is a great source of energy for athletes and people with increased physical stress. The consumption of food and drink leads to a restriction of the increase in the blood sugar level according to their consumption compared to foodstuffs and beverages which contain sugar. (Has a lower glycemic index). It can be taken before or after the workout.

  • maintain and optimize physical and mental performance
  • during perpetual training and for individuals with increased physical or mental stress
  • balanced and sustained release of energy in the form of glucose

Dose: Palatinose G132 is used to supplement the carbohydrates. Normally a dose of 20-30 g is stirred with 200 ml of water.


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