Tribu NoX 90 Tab




TribuNOX is designed to support its own growth hormone, support reducing fat deposits, improving muscle density, strength and speed up recovery. ATTENTION, increase sexual libido!

When you’re muscular pump with Macola and Tribulus, you supply the body with the sheer number of substances to promote blood circulation and libido, but also improving cardiovascular health, metabolism, detoxification of internal organs and even at the cellular level.

Peruvian Maca with arginine and Tribulus enriched with caffeine and zinc:

Supports muscle growth

Accelerates muscle recovery and energy

Supports an increase in physical performance, endurance and strength

Is encouraging and stimulating effect for both men and women (promotes excretion of testosterone, sexual performance and sperm, women helps to improve the symptoms of menopause, or reduced. Eliminates symptoms of sexual frigidity)

Reduces the formation and occurrence of muscle cramps

It acts as a mild diuretic

It stimulates the immune system

It prevents various diseases

Increases the number of red and white blood cells

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Tribulus saponins are powerful natural aphrodisiacs, contains many beneficial substances to the human body.

Composition: Tribulus terrestris extract, AAKG – Arginine Alfaketoglutarate, Peruvian Maca extract, zinc, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.


Dosage: 2 tablets 2 times daily


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